Reminder: Slow Down

December 16, 2014

This past weekend has really made me think about how quickly time goes by.  Friday was my Godson’s 3rd birthday, Saturday was the 6 year anniversary of my Grandfather’s death, Sunday was the 6 month mark from my wedding day, and in under 3 weeks it will be a new year! It all seems very hard to believe.

I think from time to time we can all use a reminder to slow down.  We get bogged down in day to day stresses and forget to look at the bigger picture.  This is definitely true for this time of the year and especially true for those planning a wedding.  Couples tend to get consumed with all the wedding planning and decision making and continuously run on overdrive.

Over these last few weeks of 2014, try to slow down and enjoy the Holiday Season by following these 5 tips:

  1. Re-connect with your fiancé(e).  With all of the planning, the shopping and the Holiday parties, you may feel a bit disconnected from your future spouse.  Choose a night for just the two of you to go try that new restaurant or even a quiet night in with a homemade dinner.
  2. Make some you time.  Do something that you love and that helps you relax, like shopping (if you don’t mind the Holiday crowds),  getting a massage (use up those benefits before the end of the year!) or trying a fitness class.
    TIP:  Check out a site like One Spout that collects deals from 300 sites and puts them in one place.  You can find great deals from restaurants, spas, gyms, etc.
  3. Schedule your social gatherings.  Write down all of your appointments, dinners and Holiday parties to get a full view of where you need to be and what you need to do.  You now have two sets of families you need to make time for during this already crazy time of year.  If you pre-plan and get a full view of your calendar, you will feel less overwhelmed.
  4. Make a wedding planning, plan.  Instead of just deciding to take a break and start planning again in the new year, schedule your vendor appointments from now so that once the new year arrives you will already be ahead of the game. Many people get engaged in November and December and there is a big planning boom come January.  With your consultations already booked, you will not need to compete with other couples trying to book dates for consultations.
  5. Enjoy.  While this time of the year can be a bit overwhelming, it is also a beautiful and joyful time.  Make sure to take everything in stride and enjoy yourself!

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