Win a Wedding?

January 23, 2015

This past week I have been hearing about “Win a Wedding” contests where couples enter to do just that, win a wedding.  It is not a contest where they are given money or items to put towards their own wedding, this is literally the opportunity to win an already planned wedding.  The other catch is, the date is already selected…and it is soon!  One of the contests live in Toronto right now is the Indie 88 and Wedding Girl “Win a Wedding” contest, where the winners will be given a single day’s notice and will be married on Valentine’s Day.  They say that all details have been taken care of and will even include a post-wedding reception at The Danforth Music Hall with a performance by STARS.  The second contest is through the Toronto Maple Leafs and Michael Hill called the “Blue and White Wedding”, where one couple will win a ceremony at the ACC, a reception for 57 people at Real Sports and then Gondola Suite tickets for 57 guests at the Leafs game.  While both contests are exciting and definitely unique, as a planner I personally would not want to be given a pre-planned wedding.  I am really looking forward to seeing who wins and how these weddings turn out.

Good luck to those who enter!

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