Welcome Liana!

Confetti is growing and we are super excited to welcome Liana Ciccone to the team as our Assistant Planner.  We asked Liana to give us ten fun facts about herself and found out some pretty interesting things.  Most impressively, she beat Candy Crush!!  You can also learn more about Liana’s qualifications on our about page here!

  1. I love dogs; my dog is going to be my ring bearer one day
  2. Saying I love to eat is an understatement; my favourite food is Chinese Food from Chop Sticks and Rice
  3. I love all sports; I have played Ringette for 21 years
  4. I love travelling; Italy is my number 1 travel spot
  5. I’d rather cuddle up with popcorn and a movie on Friday and Saturday nights than go out
  6. Spiders and needles are my biggest fears
  7. My boyfriend is a Professional Hockey Player
  8. I consider my mom my best friend
  9. I beat Candy Crush
  10. I secretly despise Valentine’s Day; I believe every day is a day to celebrate the ones you love

Welcome to the team, Liana!


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